A Blog A Day While The Kids Are Away: Twilight Edition

When there's none of THIS going on, the house is pretty quiet.

The kids are off school all next week so I sent them down to grandma’s house for a visit. I had many visions about what I would do with all the Free Time in the next few days – clean the house without new messes being made, go grocery shopping with time to linger, sip a mocha while planning my Thanksgiving menu. Fun stuff like that. But my first task turned out to be something wholly unexpected and a little embarrassing for me – as a self-respecting 30-something – to admit.

I sat down on the couch, unmoving, for six hours. And read Twilight.

Now I know that there are some hardcore Twilight fans out there and don’t get me wrong. It was a pretty entertaining read, but if I want smoldering, dark and brooding I need only look across the dinner table.

So there’s that.

Now that I’ve marked that little task off my to-do list, I can not only confidently join in on watercooler conversations about Team Edward and Team That Other Guy, I can also set my mind to some creative use. Such as getting myself in gear and finishing up one painting that has been languishing, painting a dog portrait for The Daily Grommet and getting to work on the SIX name painting orders that came up this weekend as a result of a review by Swistle. Thanks, Swistle!

Because if there’s anything scarier than vampires, it’s a deadline.

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