Recipe For a Happy New Year's Day

Despite the unfortunate events of the past 24 hours (hint: hundreds of dollars at auto mechanic and a break-in at my husband’s office) I am determined to cocoon myself in good thoughts (and chocolate if necessary) and make this a good day.  

As all good days start off, I began at Dutch Bros. with my usual mocha on the rocks. I don’t know what they put in those babies (chocolate milk!) but I am completely addicted. I picked up some ground coffee for husband on the way home – he’s not much for frou frou espresso drinks – so we could all be sufficiently caffeinated.  

I have lentil soup in the Crock Pot, which not only makes the house smell great, it makes me feel incredibly efficient to have dinner cooked by 10 a.m.  

I like saying the word mirepoix. It makes me sound fancy.


The kids are off to the park so they will come back in a better mood (fingers crossed) and their absence also allows me to crank up my stereo and make some art.  

It's going to be a horse. I hope that's obvious.


So to recap…  

  • Caffeine (the frou-frou espresso kind if you’re into it)
  • Dinner in the Crock Pot
  • Kids at the park with dad
  • Loud music
  • A studio cat, preferably one that doesn’t walk across your painting with muddy footprints (I’m lookin’ at you, Ron)
  • Optimism with just a dash of denial

Happy New Year!

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  1. Rebekah Says:

    I also love my CrockPot and the fact that I can throw things in it and come out with an Ahhh-mazing dinner!

    I also really enjoy your soundtrack/beverage addition to your painting statistics. It cracks me up!

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