Girl In The Mirror

Title: Self Portrait

Completed: January 13, 2010

Soundtrack: Silence (it’s so rare)

Beverage: H20

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  1. Jenny, Bloggess Says:


  2. I thought I couldn’t. So I did. « Rachael Rossman's Studio Blog Says:

    […] they’ve been well-received. In fact, I’ve had more comments on my little rinky-dink self-portrait than on most of my other pieces […]

  3. Alex Zonis Says:

    This is a wonderful expressive portrait, Rachel! Before today’s post I didn’t know about your struggles and “workarounds” and thought that portraiture was your niche. I really like your portraits!

    I can very much relate to the state of mind you describe in your “I thought I couldn’t…” post. I had exactly the same struggles for years, even decades. I got over it 🙂 I am so pleased that you did too because you obviously have talent for faces.

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