This has nothing to do with painting, really.

Me. The monsters. A photo booth.

For many months (many long, long months) of the year, Oregon is a damp, gray place. I’ve lived here all my life, so I can say that.

During the spring though, sometimes we get these lovely, clear and cold days in the middle of February or March. People get so excited they wear shorts. (Not me, but people.) And for a few days – or hours – we stop complaining about the drizzle and remember that warmer weather is on the way.

Today was one of those days.

My kids spent the morning creating a mini Berkeley Pit in the side yard. I de-mudded them and we headed to the mall for a Radio Disney event. H danced her heart out and won prizes in the Name That Tune Contest and The Boy shyly shuffled his feet in the back of the crowd with me.

I came home and made two loaves of bread with marginal success. I’ve lost my knack.

Oh, and in all the excitement of getting my new website up and running (do you love it?) I forgot to mention that my painting of Charlie was over on The Pioneer Woman again. Even though I always thank them, I wonder if bloggers know how truly grateful artists and craftspeople are when they post one of their items?

Because we are.

My painting was in good company.

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