A little Q&A

This is a clayboard engraving. I used to to a lot of them but they're messy.

Since I started this blog, many people have submitted questions via the comment form, and others have suggested I do a Q&A so everyone can see the answers. So, for the literally TENS of people that read this blog…a scintillating Q&A!

@Kim asks :  I’d love to know how you got started, how long have you been painting? Did you go to school to learn to paint? etc.

I have always been an artist, but only recently as a professional. I studied fine art at Portland State University but was a terribly flaky student and really only remember my life drawing class. I used to prefer charcoal drawings above all else, then I started doing clayboard engravings. I tried watercolor but didn’t really enjoy it until I found Yupo three or four years ago (see next question.)

@Elizabeth asks : Do you paint on paper or Yupo?

I paint on Yupo which is a synthetic, tree-free paper. Since it doesn’t absorb water like regular watercolor paper, the pigment dries on the surface and that’s how I can get really unique textures in my work. You can see a painting progress start to finish here.

@Mary asks :  How do I get in touch with you about a portrait of my dog?

People can email me anytime at rachaelrossman@earthlink.net. I do all of my paintings from photographs (I love the internet!) and you can read more about the process here.

@Nancy asks : How much do you normally charge for the painting about the size of P.W’s charlie?

Here’s a link to my price list, but if you have a special request or don’t see what your looking for, drop me an email!

@lindahalcombfineart asks : Do you seal your paintings on Yupo with anything?

I seal my watercolors on Yupo with a UV-resistant clear acrylic coating.

So… any questions for the next Q&A? The lines are open!

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