Here kitty, kitty.

Wow. So yesterday The Pioneer Woman selected the winner of her cat photo contest and awarded one of my mini-portraits to the 14 runners-up! The winning cat photo will absolutely kill you, so take a look. Of course, I’m partial to “husky” felines.

This is Birch. He's big-boned.

So I’m going to be very busy, which is great. And also I will get to add 14 cats to my portfolio, which is even greater.

Check back to see the finished paintings!

6 Responses to “Here kitty, kitty.”

  1. b kinch Says:

    What a fabulous prize! The winning one was my second fave, but they were all terrific 🙂

  2. Bush Babe Says:

    What a gorgeous looking site you have here… of course!!! Congrats on being so well recognised by PW (and some seriously important others by the look of the list at the right!).

    Love your work.


  3. Wendy Says:

    Thank you so much what a wonderful prize!!!! I will cherish it forever!!!!

  4. Rebekah Greiman Says:

    I loved your cat photo! That’s how I found you, as well. But then I lost you and had to find you through PW again. Thank God for her! I am so glad someone is not ashamed of being into cats….I find most dog people don’t understand us. I have a little section on my blog about my Cowboy Cat. He’s a weirdo, but i am sure you understand most cats are!
    Peace out.

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