Have a Bichon Frise!

Oh my goodness, I love Jennifer Saunders. Remember Absolutely Fabulous? Of course you do. I could not have been more tickled when she was cast as the voice of Fairy Godmother in Shrek. I still can’t see a Bichon Frise without thinking of that song.
 A sporty carriage to ride in style
A sexy man-boy chauffeur Kyle
Vanish your blemishes, tooth decay
Cellulite thighs will fade away
And oh, what the hey?
Have a Bichon Frise!


 Completed: April 8, 2010

Soundtrack: Evelyn Evelyn

Beverage: Diet Coke

3 Responses to “Have a Bichon Frise!”

  1. Brigida Dills Says:

    Will be back soon, lovely post, thanks again have bookmarked you!

  2. Felipe Strick Says:

    Hello, I love the Shrek movies, great animation!

  3. Milan Swanagan Says:

    My dog is wild when watching this sort of movies!

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