Be Prepared

Sometimes in life, you find yourself in just the right place at just the right time, with just the right tools and just the right skills.

Last week my daughter had Storybook Character Day at school and decided three hours before class that she really didn’t want to be Alice in Wonderland (as was the plan) but had no other suggestions. After a moment or two of panic (mine, not hers) I realized that all of my pet portrait painting had been in preparation for this very moment.

So she was Puss In Boots.

Not bad for last minute, eh?

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  1. Stephanie H. Says:

    You ROCK! This is the best “Last Minute” job I’ve seen–except when my Mom dressed me as Aunt Jemima when I was in 2nd grade. (Yeah, don’t ask how she got my skin tone a few shades darker in the minutes before the bus picked me up for schoo…..)

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