Studio Tour

Once upon a time I posted a photo of my studio in its cleanest state. Most of the time though, it looks a little more like this.

Where the magic happens.

Oh look, there’s a meditation pillow that’s been used for pillow fights more often than meditation (never.) And a water dish that my studio cat Ron Weasley refuses to drink from.

Strangely, the prominently placed nameplate on my desk does not adequately deter others from using my desk.

These are very old. Some are from COLLEGE.

There’s a stack of portfolios in the corner and honestly, most of them are filled with the kids’ artwork from school. That pitiful small one in the middle is the only one I really use. Like so many other parts of the house, the studio is infested with children.

My dad made this drafting desk from an antique embalming table.

It seems I’m always at a loss for horizontal work surfaces. I’ve always got several paintings going at one time and have to shuffle them about according to what stage they’re in.

I love to re-purpose furniture.

Unassuming art deco armoire...

...or creative storage for the kids' craft supplies?

Antique highboy...

...or slick flat storage system?

Of course, there are a few things in my studio that serve no purpose whatsoever. Except to make me happy.

My iPod. My soul.

An autobiographical collage featuring shoes, the history of fonts, and dishwashing gloves.

Inspiration boards

A fireplace. Books. And a mantel with lots of sparkly things.

You might wonder why there’s a giant taxidermied goose in my studio, and you’d be right to do so. The story is, my husband is a big hunter-fisherman-outdoorsy-type and if he had his way the entire house would be filled with be-stuffed, be-horned and be-feathered things. There…discussions, and the outcome was that he could choose ONE beast to have in the house and no more. 
So I won. But really, I lost. And so did the goose.

His name is Bram Stoker.

The whole room is painted dark brown with an icy blue ceiling, which is not really good for lighting, but it is good as a calming aesthetic.


I’m all for form over function.


3 Responses to “Studio Tour”

  1. Lisa Cunningham Says:

    Thanks for the tour! Hey do you mind a couple of painting technique questions? I’m assuming that you said, “Of course I don’t mind!” instead of, “Oh, my word! Like I don’t have enough to do…”
    So the questions.
    Is your yupo wet or dry when you paint?
    What shapes of brushes do you favor?
    Why don’t my colors turn out nearly that vibrant? I’m using Windsor and Newton series 1 paint.
    Still hoping you’ll offer classes/workshops at some poiint. In the meantime, hope you don’t mind the questions. 🙂
    Oh, and by the way, LOVE Chickenbone Jones.

  2. Rachael Says:

    “Of course I don’t mind!” 🙂

    For backgrounds, I wet the Yupo first, then apply paint. Then I sort of swish it around. For faces and other, I don’t wet the paper first but I use a really wet brush. Always.

    I use round brushes, size 8 and 10 for most things; an oval mop when I need to really put down a lot of water; a round size 0 for detail work; and liners in size 00 and 5/0 for the really tiny stuff (eyes.)

    Like you, I also use Winsor & Newton paints. You will find through experimentation that some combinations work together in this medium and some don’t. Some tend to be a little flat and will muddy up your painting (like raw umber, for example.) I use sepia for the shadows most of the time because you can get it really dark when you want, OR make it really watery and it makes a nice shadow over the top of existing color. Layering tends to muddy up the painting too. If I’m going to mix colors around, it’s best to do it while everything’s wet. Experiment with different blacks too… I use ivory and lamp; lunar black dries mottled and grainy – which you can use to your advantage if that’s the look you’re going for.

    Anyway, my advice is to just keep experimenting!

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