Heeeeere’s Weebee!

It occurred to me that I hardly, if ever, post the original photo alongside the finished portrait.  But this is an exceptionally lovely one I received from a client, and a good place to start.

Green Eyes

I love it when I receive a nice, clear and beautifully composed photo like this to work from. I think, “Why don’t they just frame this photo and hang it? It’s lovely!” But there’s just something about art, isn’t there? 


Completed: May 3, 2010

Soundtrack: Lady Gaga

Beverage: Coke Zero


3 Responses to “Heeeeere’s Weebee!”

  1. Lindsey (aka modchik) Says:

    OMG – that is funny I sing Poker Face to her all the time when she gives me the stare down! I can’t wait to see the picture IRL. You are right there is SOMETHING about having her in watercolor form, it makes me day dream, not so literal …does that make sense? I have a zillion framed photos – THIS is how I wanted to capture her in an imperfect yet beautiful way!

    THANK YOU – this is my FAV me to me Mom’s Day present EVAH!

  2. kimberly Says:

    stunning! you take an amazing photo and turn it into a fantastic piece of art! someday (hopefully soon) i’ll be sending you a photo of my beloved Pepper (she passed away right before Christmas) to paint.

  3. Maple Says:

    What a beautiful Abbyssinian!

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