Last Friday night I took my daughter to work with me. My day job is as a jill-of-all-trades Marketing Manager for a wellness center and they were putting on a spa/fitness event called World Beauty. I was the photographer.

We decided to make a Girls Night out of it. We started off at the restaurant with a fireside dinner of  crostini and red wine. She had blueberry-mint water and a turkey wrap. So sophisticated.

The view from here.

I took photos so I could you know, get paid, then the girl and I decided to get henna tattoos and sparkly hair extensions. Well, she did.

I've never seen her sit so still.

Okay, she sat still here too.

Hello Kitty!

Nothin’ says Mother’s Day like matching body art.
The artist told me that traditionally, a bride gets henna before her wedding day and the deal is, as long as the art is visible, she doesn’t have to do housework!


It’s been almost a week, and my henna is starting to fade. I’m sad about it! It was a really lovely design, and I’m a sucker for anything with leaves, like this had. And I am always looking for a good excuse not to do housework.


3 Responses to “Henna…enna…enna”

  1. Megan (Best of Fates) Says:

    What beautiful henna – I’m totally jealous!

  2. Elaine Says:

    STOP WASHING YOUR HANDS!!!! That’s a small price to pay to get out of housework, don’t ya think? I’m a germ freak and wash my hands all the time. But I believe I could wash a little less to get out of cleaning my house! (My house doesn’t bother me, just germs on my hands. I know, I’m a weirdo.)

    Love your blog! Just found you about a month ago or so. Learned about you from Pioneer Woman. I’m so envious of your talent! You are absolutely fabulous!! I wish you didn’t live clear across the country so that you could give me lessons!! (I live in Arkansas.) Maybe, if I can manage to save up some money, I’ll have you do a painting of my 2 little girls. I would absolutely LOVE that!!

    Thanks for sharing your talents with the world!! 😉

  3. Myrtis Gallion Says:

    I love tattoos and don’t for a second regret having any of them, I’m currently getting a angel tattoo sleeve down my right arm can’t wait to get it finished! as can only afford shortsittings at a time. My tattoo artist is very experienced and also extremly expensive but, he’s worth it! by the way could someone direct me to find a original pisces tattoo please.

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