Girls Night Out. Girls Night Out.

Last night I stayed up much too late. I ate dinner in a quaint bistro with another grown-up. I bought cupcakes at a storefront that only sells cupcakes.  I went to a concert.  I got carded.

It was  quite a night for my 30-something-Little-League-Mom self.

My friend B and I went to Portland to see Evelyn Evelyn at the Crystal Ballroom, a much-anticipated concert that I’d been looking forward to for months. We started off at the Everett Street Bistro in the Pearl District. I will definetely be back.

The cutest wine glasses I've ever seen.

Scallops, corn, peppers and heaven.

We walked over to Cupcake Jones for dessert. I don’t have a picture of the vanilla “Pearl” one I had because it was devoured too quickly.

The Evelyn Evelyn van outside the Crystal. I take photos like this because I'm a total geek.

If you don’t know about Evelyn Evelyn, check it out. It’s theatrical, and funny and powerful and a little bit like a ghost story. Buy it.

The girls.

The show included Evelyn Evelyn, Sxip Shirey, Jason Webley (loved!) and oh my god, Amanda Palmer. I could go on and on about Amanda Palmer, but I’ll restrain myself.  She was very porcelain doll-like. I think I’m a little smitten.

The show went until I don’t know, 1 a.m.-ish. B and I just kept looking at each other like, “Why are we so tired?” I thought, “When did I get so old?”

I bought a t-shirt and a book, because I always like to take something back with me from a concert. Something tangible. Proof, maybe.

If it wouldn’t have been so damn late and I wasn’t so damned tired, I might have even stayed after the show to have her sign it. Next time, I’ll forgo the whiskey sour and have an espresso instead.

I’m not getting any younger, you know.

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