Weekend Update

This weekend, the kids and I were rained out of Little League and were trapped in the house between epic gully washers. If you don’t know what a gully washer is, you’re not from the Pacific Northwest.
In short, it was a good weekend for painting, but also for cabin fever. And laundry.


 Completed: May 21, 2010

Soundtrack: Glee Soundtrack

Beverage: Diet Coke


Completed: May 22, 2010

Soundtrack: Glee Soundtrack, still

Beverage: Iced Mocha


Birdie and Dottie

Completed: May 22, 2010

Soundtrack: Weezer

Beverage: Pepperwood Grove Syrah


Completed: May 23, 2010

Soundtrack: Lady Gaga

Beverage: Starbucks Iced Mocha

And there was also some of this going on.

Ron Weasley is really no help at all.

It’s a wonder I ever get anything done.

4 Responses to “Weekend Update”

  1. Jan Wehrlie Says:

    I love them ALL!

  2. Devon Says:

    Wow, they are all so beautiful… I can’t believe how fast you crank them out… I’ll spend a month on one acrylic!

  3. Susan Says:

    They are all awesome, although my favorite is is my own, Birdie and Dottie!

  4. Sharla Spoon Says:

    I love them all, as always (I really do mean always) but Birdie & Dottie are splendid. Love the hair texture you’ve created & I have to say that color combo you’ve used for the background, esp on the far right is sublime!

    Casey’s gaze penetrates the soul. You are truly an exceptional artist that is creating in an original way. Your artwork is so distinct & so beautiful!

    I’ve lurked far too long, I’ve got to comment! 🙂

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