I left my kids today. They are spending a sizable chunk of their summer vacation with their grandparents because 1) I don’t want to pay a babysitter if I don’t have to; and b) they have fun there.

So that’s what we’re doing.

My kids are being juggled between two sets of grandparents (in the same town) during the week, and on the weekends we drive down to see them or meet my parents for a roadside hand-off at the DariMart we’ve determined to be half-way.

It was really great the first week, my birthday week. The husband and I were invited out, we watched movies, I blasted music with expletives. But then it got lonely. Quiet. And boring.

We miss those little monsters.

The drive home today was a quiet one. The weather was beautiful, my podcasts were queued, my tank was full –  but I drove slowly. I circled around parts of town that were out of my way. I snapped photos. I found comfort in the dark details of the coastal town where I grew up.

I hope you like your artists dark and brooding, because that’s how I’m spending my summer vacation.

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  1. Meredith Says:

    Rachel, you should consider adding photography to your long list of artistic abilities. These photos are just great. And,BTW, my little 10 y.o. bean went to sleep-away camp for two weeks and I was literally beside myself after the first 48 hours. Enjoy the quiet and get lots of painting done!

    PS: YouTube video was a hoot!

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