This painting has been rattling around in my head for months. Months. Before Evelyn Evelyn released an album. Before I went to the concert in May.

I knew exactly what I wanted to paint – an image as haunting as the album and its concept. My daughter and her big brown eyes would be a perfect stand-in for the conjoined twins at the story’s core.

I bought and embellished a tiny hat.

I convinced my daughter to pose for me. (She never needs much convincing, really.)

I painted it in my head a hundred times.

And this week, I stayed up late – and painted it for real.

HarperLyn HarperLyn

Completed: July 21, 2010

Soundtrack: The Cranberries

Beverage: Margaritas

2 Responses to “Muse”

  1. Nikki Says:

    I love Evelyn Evelyn, and this is beautiful Rachael. You really got it. 🙂

  2. Rachael Rossman: Watercolor Portraits of Man and Beast » Dia de los Muertos Says:

    […] of the month that’s calling for art inspired by Dia de los Muertos. I had such luck painting my daughter as a two-headed girl a few weeks ago, that I thought I’d try my hand at painting her as a Catrina […]

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