I am a bundle of nerves. I have been for days. I drop things. I snap at people. My kids are back to calling me Mad Mom, and only half jokingly.

Someone spilled an entire bottle of glue on the wood floor and let it dry.

There was a glob of jelly on the carpet.

My husband made five pies and only one for us and now there’s not any left. And I’d like a piece of pie.

I answered the phone, “Hello, this is Cinderella!” because I was literally on my hands and knees scrubbing the floor when it rang.

My son made a “nest” for Ron Weasley that consisted of an old litter box, a good sheet and two pieces of pepperoni.

I could really use a nap.


Completed: July 23, 2010

Soundtrack: It was too early for music this morning

Beverage: Dutch Bros. Iced Mocha

One Response to “Bundle”

  1. Amanda Says:

    Some days are just so damn hard. I love every word of this post because it’s the kind of private familiar of my favorite, raggedy, torn up flannel shirt from high school. I know this weariness, the absurdity and the slight edge that you don’t quite give into for fear you won’t make it back to the other side.

    It’s weird to say, but this was lovely, kitty litter remnant suggestions’n all.

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