Dia de los Muertos

There is this show coming up at the end of the month that’s calling for art inspired by Dia de los Muertos. I had such luck painting my daughter as a two-headed girl a few weeks ago, that I thought I’d try my hand at painting her as a Catrina figure.

Today we drove to my parents’ house on the coast to pick the kids up and while there, I decided to attempt Phase I of my project – painting my daughter’s face. Phase II will be working from those photos to create a portrait and if I’m lucky, Phase III will be managing to get the whole thing to the post office on time for the show.

And yes, I do sometimes randomly carry my face painting kit around. Doesn’t everyone?

Tools of the trade

Note to self: wear makeup on Saturdays.

She was patient.

And still.

Then she requested a mirror, which seriously impeded our progress.

And she was very involved in the design process.

It turned out just the way we wanted.

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  1. leyla Says:

    While the art work is wonderful, the funniest part to me was your note to yourself about wearing make up on weekends….I find myself not putting pictures from the weekend online/on facebook for that exact same reason….

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    […] I did of my daughter a couple weeks ago. Because when you have two kids, you can’t just paint one of them up like a Day of the Dead skeleton and NOT do the same for the other […]

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