Tabbies, Waffles and The Power of the Internet

Today has been a serendipitous day. Is that the right word? Serendipitous. Just lots of things and happenings that seem interrelated – completely random yet altogether synchronistic.

First, there were the waffles.

Downtown Waffles is a waffle cart in  Salem that I heard about on Desperately Seeking Salem, a local blog. Or maybe I heard about it on Twitter. I don’t remember, but it doesn’t really matter. The point is, Downtown Waffles snuck into my consciousness from somewhere on the interwebs and The Power of The Internet is that ever since I heard about it I was like, “I MUST eat waffles from a cart!” And today we did.

Waffles as street food. Yes, please.

The vendor tweeted his location this morning and I told the kids, “Get dressed! We’re leaving!” We parked on the same block and walked right up. I told him we heard about him from Twitter and a couple of bystanders puzzled, “You found out about a waffle cart on the internet?” Then he followed me on Twitter from his phone and I took a photo to tweet, and that is pure Twitter Magic, right there.

It’s almost as cool as the time someone in a parking lot recognized me from a post on The Pioneer Woman. But that was Blog Magic.

Meanwhile, Facebook Magic has been hooking me up with clients old and new. I love the internet.

Well, hello there.

Don't Worry, Be Tabby

Blue Roan

Completed: September 25, 2010

Soundtrack: Johnny Cash, Live from Folsom Prison

Beverage: Iced Mocha, a.m. / Hornsby’s  Hard Cider, p.m.

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  1. Emily Says:

    I was the same way. I MUST EAT THIS WAFFLE FROM THIS CART! It lodged in my mind until it happened.

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