I love wintertime, and snow. I love to watch ski events during the Olympics. My kids have been skiing since they were two. They, and my husband, use cool slang like epic and sweet pow to describe their days on the slopes.

But I don’t ski.

At all.

You see, it seems I am physically incapable of maintaining an upright and/or forward-moving position while on skis.

Sometime I will tell you about the time my husband took me to the mountain for the weekend, promising a fun, no-pressure lesson with a handsome 20-something who called me dude, but instead I got a crochety, grisled old man who whacked me in the legs with his ski poles. Actually, now that I think of it, I won’t tell you about it.

No, I prefer the comfort – and the quiet – of the lodge. A good book, a cup of joe and my camera. And if I’m daring – snowshoes.

It’s more my speed.

Deep Powder

Completed: October 21, 2010

Soundtrack: Rent

Beverage: Diet Coke

3 Responses to “Epic”

  1. Debra Says:

    <3 this! :) And I'm with you when it comes to skiing; huh uh.

  2. Sharla Says:

    This is radical work, dude! LOL – seriously this is realllly appealing. Artfully done, masterfully colored. I LOVE IT…my eye is drawn to the fingers of his left glove gripping the stick, you’ve captured them so well along with the rest of course!

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