Halloween, Part 1

I’m a little behind the eight ball this year with regard to Halloween. I mean, we took that vacation earlier this month so I didn’t have time (read: energy) to decorate the house like I usually do. Plus, my husband put our upright freezer right underneath the door to the attic, so I can’t go up there without superhuman upper body strength or a harness system. The attic is where the decorations are, so that’s where they remain.

Halloween is usually a big deal around our house, and the kids usually have not one, not two, but sometimes three costumes because they don’t want to wear the same thing to parties, the school carnival and trick-or-treating. I mean, can you imagine?

We’ve already been trick-or-treating in Disneyland this month, so we’ve taken care of Alice, Mary Poppins and Harry Potter.

Trick-or-treating at Disneyland

Today is the school carnival and we have to come up with costumes that don’t conflict with the strict (read: CRAZY) restrictions. No masks. No face painting. No scary costumes. Sigh. So rather than have a headless Darth Vader and a make-up-less Dia de los Muertos bride, the kids have come up with alternative costumes. This house is lousy with costume material, so they are never at a loss.

Crazy Pirate and Crazy Equestrienne

Tomorrow, even though it always rains on Halloween in Oregon, we will trick-or-treat in our “real” costumes. Spoiler: I will be Frida Kahlo, and I will ROCK a unibrow.

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