God Bless the Internet

I am sitting here at a Saturday market, peddling my wares. I’m bored. There’s not much traffic, and even less interest in art when people are here to buy produce and crochet. Markets are not my usual modus operandi. They require time away from my studio and my kids, and my paints. I have to be sales-y. I’m not sales-y.

But that’s another story and I’m here, so that’s that.

I’m surfing the web, trying to think of a blog topic maybe, so I have something to do, and I realize that I am so, so grateful for the internet, and bloggers, and blog readers – and all of you. You all are the reason that I can do something that I love, make a little walkin’ around money, and not have to load up my trunk every weekend and do this.

I’m just not wired for it.

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