I’ve been holed up in my studio pretty much every waking hour when I’m not at work or driving someone somewhere or eating or sleeping. The problem is, so has Ron Weasley.

He’s become a serious impediment to my work.

Of course there’s the usual tomfoolery including sleeping where he’s not supposed to sleep, drinking my paint water and leaving a wake of ginger hair wherever he goes. This week though, he crossed a line.

I mean, I guess it was kind of cute that he slinked into an envelope-shaped portfolio for a nap. After all, it wasn’t my art in there, just the kids’. (Which I love dearly, children, and fully intend to store in  my attic for the rest of eternity!)

He's ridiculous.

But when I found slide-y footprints all over my recent 20×26″ self-portrait, well, that was the last straw.

It called for drastic measures.

And notes.

My son typed this up on his new typewriter.

And signage.

My daughter contributed this No Cats on Desks sign.

And even more explicit signage.

Ooooh. Ouch.

I estimate that the Ron Ban 2010 will last approximately 1.5 hours. He’s awfully cute.

2 Responses to “Complications”

  1. leslie (crookedstamper) Says:

    HA! (Oh, sorry.) Fortunately for me, my kitty, even thought she will walk across a table with open ink pads, has never gotten inky feet. Nor has she played with ribbon or other embellishments. Yes, I am very lucky.

    (LOVE the name, by the way!)

  2. Elaine Corwin Says:

    Perhaps he needs a therapist for his attention getting behavior issues. No, seriously, he’s cute, but if he were mine, permanent exile would be his destination.

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