The Thanksgiving Story

This post really needs no introduction, except to say this is a Thanksgiving essay my son wrote when he was six and emailed to all of his family members.

It’s awesome.

The Thanksgiving Story

Over four hundred years ago… There were a group of people that were called Pilgrams. Their king wouldn’t let them worship god the way they wanted to.So in the year of 1620 the Pilgrams left England to go to a new world.At first they landed in Holland. A few months later they set sail they landed in Cape cod. They stayed their for a while. But then they left Cape cod. Then the Mayflower set sail. The Mayflower was the name of the ship they sailed on. FUN FACT} THERE WERE ONLY 32 CHILDREN ON THE MAYFLOWER. The total of the Pilgrams on the Mayflower was 102 people.The people on the Mayflower were not happy. Especially the children. They had to leave almost everything in England. But the children managed to keep them busy by playing hand games on the Mayflower. What would you feel like on the Mayflower? I’d probably feel kind of I don’t know scared. I mean it would be kind of scary right? FUN FACT} THERE WAS ONE DOG AND ONE CAT ON THE MAYFLOWER. The Pilgrams may have looked diffrent from us. The men and boys wore a coat called a Jabot. Well, that’s what the wiggly stuff on it is called. A girl wore a type of hat that was called a “bonnet”. They also wore a dress with an aprin over it.Oh and I forgot to write this in the first place. The place the Mayflower last landed was called Plymouth. When they got to Plymouth they had a feast with the Wampanoag Indians. FUN FACT} THE FIRST INDIAN THEY MET WAS NAMED SQUANTO. Squaunto was the one that helped the Pilgrams. Squanto showed the Pilgrans how to put fish into the ground. I know that might sound kind of weird but it helped the soil. The Wamponoags became great friends with the Pilgrams. FUN FACT} EACH PILGRAM HAD A POUCH CALLED A PILGRAM POCKET. They used Pilgram pockets because they had no pockets in their clothes. The Pilgrams died their clothes with vegatables. I wouldn’t really like that. But if you were a Pilgram you’d have to do it. Did you know the Pilgram girls did all the cooking and cleaning and the men were the one that hunted?

Happy Thanksgiving, pilgrims.

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