I was home with a sick kid today. It’s different being home with a sick kid than it is when they’re not sick. When they’re sick with a fever, they’re quiet, and calm, and sometimes even less demanding. They want to snuggle.

All. Day.

Problem is, even when I stay home to “snuggle” there’s always something to be done – work, laundry, dishes, errands I never get around to…. It’s like I’ve lost the ability to just sit still.

It was this realization that inspired me to introduce a few calm pockets of space that might inspire creativity – and perhaps, more snuggling.

Last night’s project was organizing the studio bookshelves by color, something I saw in a Martha Stewart magazine some time ago. I quickly realized that the shelves in the magazines were full of handpicked book spines from the prop house, not a 20-year mismash of cookbooks and paperbacks. But it worked out okay.

I feel calmer already.

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