People Say the Nicest Things

Many times when I send a painting off to its forever home the only indication that it ever arrived is the confirmation slip from the post office. It’s always nice when I get an email back to say, “hey, it’s here!” or, “We love it even better in person!” or better yet, “It made me cry!”

I do receive several very sweet notes from people but they’re not always inclined to share their words with the public, which I understand. Some send photos (LOVE!) and videos (LOVE! LOVE!) and I tell you, nothing makes my day like receiving an email like the one I got this morning.

Hi Rachael,

Wanted to thank you again for doing the portrait of my dog, Honey. It’s beautiful.

I gave it to my husband for Christmas, and included a note written to him, and to every family member, from Honey. It told each one how much she loved and appreciated them and to always keep her in their hearts. (She died last summer.) So, this gift was especially meaningful, so much more than one from the “mall.”

I’m not a good photographer, but have attached two photos to give you an idea of the finished product. Not sure if the photo will remain on this wall. Might put it on a wrought iron easel and put on a table. But I did want you to see your work of art!

Feel free to include your drawing of Honey in your portfolio on your website. Hope I can have some other pieces done in the future!

Blessings for the new year.


 Made. My. Day.

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