Spring is toying with me.

It’s winter in Oregon which means – gray. Every day. EVERY. DAY. Except today we’re having this random, lovely, sunny weather and I don’t quite know what to do with myself. I’m restless and am having a hard time tracking. I flit from one project to another, not quite knowing what do DO on a 60-degree day in January. Why I’m not outside I will never know. None of us are. We’re just in the house, carrying on as if it’s still rainy, or foggy or icy outside like it’s supposed to be. By the time we figure out how to spend the day it will be over.
One thing I do NOT like about this springlike sun is the fact that it harshly illuminates every cobweb, speck of dirt and fingerprinted window in the house. Everywhere I turn the sun is saying “You missed a spot!” “Here’s another!” “Don’t you ever dust?” And the answer is no, no I don’t.
Maybe I’ll just draw the curtains and get back to painting. I just finished this little guy named Murray. Murray was my grandfather’s name, so I knew I’d like this dog from the get-go.


Completed: January 22, 2011


Beverage: Tall Iced Nonfat Sugar Free Mocha (The “Why Bother?”)

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