We have three cats, who pretty much run the place. Birch, the giant, is either sleeping on our bed or right next to his food bowl, so he’s pretty low-key. Despite the fact that he’s so large he sounds like an intruder walking down the hall at night, he’s really no trouble at all. Steve is tiny, old and whiny. She is one of those Cat-Wants-In-Cat-Wants-Out felines that is constantly demanding that a door be opened. Ron is like a teenager with fur. He’s always underfoot, he skitters around with a dopey, wild-eyed look like he doesn’t know where he is. He been stuck on the roof more than once, and his meow sounds like the screech of a crow.

Some days I feel that all I do is manage cats. Where are they? Where do they want to go? Are they hungry? Why is he looking at me like that? Get off my desk!

You know in Christmas Vacation when Chevy Chase peers into the Christmas tree and yells “SQUIRREL!” Well that’s become our mantra around here. We yell, “CATS!” every time we find surrounded by their feeding frenzy or getting up YET AGAIN to open the door for someone whining pitifully through the door or window.




Completed: January 29, 2011

Soundtrack: Amanda Palmer Goes Down Under

Beverage: Coke Zero

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