Some paintings, and an announcement.

First, the paintings.

And next, an announcement.

I’m making a calendar!

This weekend I will be launching a Kickstarter project to create and produce a 2012 Portraits of Man and Beast Calendar. And you can help! Kickstarter is a crowd-sourcing mechanism to fund creative projects. Basically I’m asking a whole lot of people to chip in, at any level of participation, to help me raise the funds to do it. Your contributions go toward the actual production of the calendar but you’re also rewarded with value-added gifts like copies of the calendar, paintings and more.

The deal with Kickstarter is that I determine the amount of money I need to raise to deliver the product and the rewards; I get 30-90 days to raise that amount. If I raise the total, I’m golden. If I fall short, then the project doesn’t go through and no one pays anything.

But that would be sad.

There will be more details on the details later.

In the meantime, I will tease you with the cool rewards I plan to offer, in addition to being able to just buy a calendar:

  • Original Painting and its image on the COVER of the calendar (only 1 available)
  • Original Painting and its image on one of the months of the calendar (only 12 available, obvs.)
  • Image of any previously painted portrait on any day of the year (365 available)

 Would you do that? Would you tell your friends?

I’ll post a link to the Kickstarter page this weekend. They recommend that you include a video with your project description so I’ll be spending the next 48 hours psyching myself up for that.

Stay tuned!

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  1. Susan Says:

    Sounds exciting……….I will tell my friends for sure.

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