All in a weekend’s work

People are always asking me how I paint so fast, and really – I don’t.  I think I actually start painting them in my head the moment I first see the photo, then more so the night before I get to work. The actual painting part is just a formality by then.

This weekend, for example, I painted two portraits, two pet portraits and a painting of a house. In two days.

Lest you think I was locked up in my studio ignoring housework (well, I was, that) my children, my family or my hygiene…this is really what a day in the (weekend) life looks like:

Get up by 7 a.m. Maneuver past two cats and 1-2 kids who have accumulated in/on my bed overnight.

Stumble to computer; check email, facebook, twitter. Repeat at 10 minute intervals all day long.

Husband cooks kids a carbohydrate-rich breakfast of pancakes or French toast. (EVEN ON WEEKDAYS. SO SPOILED.)

Drive to Starbucks. Order an Iced Tall Nonfat No-Whip Mocha. (My husband calls it the “Why Bother?”)

Make myself an egg white omelet while dreaming about yolks. And bacon.

Go into studio. Clean Barbie and kid-craft detritus from my desk.

Sweep up more kid-craft mess from under desk.

Yell at kids to clean up rest of kid-craft mess, along with  Mighty Beanz, American Girl, Hannah Montana MP3 player and assorted clothing.

Sit down to work. Mocha is gone. (Parched from all the yelling.)

Crack open a Coke Zero. It’s 10 a.m.

Pencil out first two paintings of the day. Apply masque pen.

Leave to pick up The Girl from taekwondo practice. It’s Weapons Day.

Back into the studio; masque pen is dry. Start painting backgrounds.

Paint black and sepia tones in darkest areas (pupils, shadows).

Break up a chess fight.

Let cat in.

Rotate laundry.

Add to background color; start painting in mid-tones.

Kids ask for lunch. I buy some time by suggesting apples and string cheese.

Kids ask me to cut the apples. I freak out.

Put on headphones. Blast movie soundtracks, Barbra Streisand or Glee. Don’t hate.

Kids see headphones and suddenly, urgently, need to talk to me. They gesture wildly. I turn off music; they tell me a knock-knock joke.

“How do you wake up Lady Gaga? Poker face!”

Let cat out.

Make PBJs for the kids.

Paint for two hours non-stop. Keep headphones on even after music has stopped.

Drive to art store for clear-coat.

Help daughter sign on to American Girl website. It crashed three times. Divert her attention by suggesting she play dress up.

Let cat in.

Apply pink finger nail polish to daughter.

Reapply polish to four fingers.

Paint for 20 minutes.

Listen to son play Star Wars Imperial March on the recorder. Again.

Paint for 15 minutes.

Yell at the kids to stop wrestling and READ.

Pour glass of wine.

Make dinner.

Eat dinner.

Paint for 20 minutes.

Watch Food Network or Jeopardy! with kids.

Put the kids to bed.

Pour another glass of wine.

Paint until I can’t stay awake any longer.

Blog about it.




House in Summer


4 Responses to “All in a weekend’s work”

  1. Marianne Says:

    you make it sound so easy
    thanks for sharing a day in the life of R.R.

  2. sharla Says:

    That was really interesting! And wow the paintings are gorgeous, as always. I am impressed especially with the house, and study the background on the horse. Your backgrounds are so awesome. I hope you keep painting until half of America has a Rossman painting in their house! You do it and do it SO. WELL.

  3. Scary Mommy Says:

    LOL, love this. And, I love your style! I always wished that I could paint. Such a cool talent to have!

  4. Rachael Rossman: Watercolor Portraits of Man and Beast » It Really IS Who You Know Says:

    […] Four down, two to go. […]

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