List: St. Patrick’s Day

  • I’m wearing green today.
  • I wear green every day because my wedding ring is an emerald.
  • I have been listening to The Chieftains all morning. My St. Patrick’s Day playlist includes The Chieftains, The Corrs, Sinead O’Connor and The Cranberries, among others.
  • I will not make corned beef and cabbage tonight.
  • I don’t drink beer, which my husband claims is an abomination and a character flaw.
  • My favorite St. Patrick’s Day ever was spent at The City Bar in Great Falls, Montana.
  • Almost everyone in my immediate family and my dad’s side of the family has red hair, except me.
  • I’ve seen Riverdance twice.
  • Bagpipes make me bawl like a baby.
  • My favorite Irish whiskey is Bushmills.
  • My ipod has nearly 20 versions of Danny Boy.


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