MEAT Here.

The mister and I don’t get out much. The combination of work, gym, homework management, hobbies, children, cooking and housework kinda takes the wind out of our sails come Friday night if you know what I’m sayin’. But last weekend, we kicked off my spring break with dinner out in the big city. I threw Weight Watchers to the wind and we met a friend at the delightfully meat-centric Olympic Provisions in Southeast Portland.

It took three cocktails for me to work up the nerve to try oxtail (which I liked) but the rest of the menu was enjoyed with such relish I might have even shed a grateful tear over the housemade salami.


Cacciatore – Italian style “hunter’s salami” with caraway & coriander

Saucisson Sec – Classic French style with garlic and black pepper

Saucisson d’Arles – French style with no added seasonings (just pork and salt)

Country-style pork terrine with pistachios

Homemade pickled cucumbers, celery, beet stalk


Oxtails, olives, chicories

Sauteed squid, chorizo, corona beans, garlic, crushed chillies

Octopus, tesa, soft scrambled egg, scallion

Seared shrimp, valencia rice, saffron broth

Bread pudding, caramel, preserved peaches

I am still thinking about that bread pudding.

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