A Girl and Her Cat

Last month The Modchik hosted a giveaway for a custom portrait and the winner was Kimberly. She wanted a portrait of her cat Pepper who’d passed the year before and whom they were still missing terribly. The photo she sent me was Pepper in the lap of her adorable daughter and I asked if she wanted her in the portrait too.

As a mom with two kids and three cats I know how rare these moments can be. Our two geriatric felines spend most of their time avoiding our children. I mean, when they’re not sleeping.

Kimberly explained that in this photo, her daughter was so excited that the cat was tolerating her lap and I think you can see it in her little smile.

And, like our cats, Pepper looks like she is getting ready to split.

2 Responses to “A Girl and Her Cat”

  1. Lindsey (aka modchik) Says:

    It came out so wonderful – when I found out Kimberly won I was SO HAPPY I could hear the sorrow in her comment/entry about Pepper. It was meant to be. What you did was truly heartfelt, thanks Rachael.

  2. Kimberly W. Says:

    Words cannot begin to describe the joy I felt upon hearing that I won this giveaway! I’m still in shock over it. I can’t wait to get the painting and hang it on the wall. I know exactly where we’ll put it.

    Your post about Pepper wanting to split couldn’t have been more true! Literally seconds after taking that picture, she was off in her favorite hiding spot. LOL. That is one of my favorite photos of Violet because she was over-the-moon happy that Pepper was sitting on her lap.

    Thank you Rachael for this wonderful gift. And thank you Lindsey for making this gift possible!!!

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