Pioneer Kids

If you read The Pioneer Woman, you’ll probably recognize these next portraits.

Like millions of other people, I read Ree’s blog every day. There’s always something that interests me on a personal level…but that’s why we choose to read the blogs we do, right? Her post last week about her kids saddling and unsaddling the horses prompted me to go back to my photo albums. I looked through pictures of myself as a kid with my horses (in order of appearance) Sonny, Babe, Theo and Rowdy, and re-live my own saddling and unsaddling days. When I got my first pony at 9 years old, I remember thinking how heavy the saddle was with its wooden stirrups and clanking buckles. You’re supposed to throw the cinch(es) over the saddle when you put it on, but invariably those buckles would slide down and hit me in the face. Consequently, I did a lot of bareback riding to avoid the whole situation.

My family lives in the city and I sometimes regret that my kids won’t grow up doing farm chores and playing in the woods like I did. They aren’t spoiled, but there is a different level of responsibility that country kids learn, I think.  Seeing Ree’s kids working on the ranch plucks at my heartstrings just a little.

In the past year or two, I’ve painted Ree’s dog Charlie and even her cow. I can’t wait to see how these portraits of her children look all framed up at the ranch.

3 Responses to “Pioneer Kids”

  1. Diane Says:

    The PW blog is where I first saw your work. You captured her children beautifully. I’m sure she’s thrilled.

  2. Jan J. Says:

    These are WONDERFUL! You really captured these cuties! I really love your style and glad Ree introduced you to her reading audience.

  3. Sharla Says:

    These portraits are GREAT, just as all of your work is. You continue to inspire me, artistically & this post by you takes me back to my horse days as well. I couldn’t even lug the big huge saddle (it was an adult saddle) my pony came with. I rode in that saddle until I could get one that fit my rear end. I remember my dad having to lift that huge saddle up there for me. I couldn’t wait to be able to do it myself.

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