Local Color

I’ve heard about people who live in New York City and have never visited the Statue of Liberty…which makes me feel better because I’ve lived in Salem, Oregon for 10 years and have never been to Schreiner’s Iris Gardens. SHAME ON ME.

Last week though, the kids and I took advantage of a sun break (a bonafide meteorlogical term in the Pacific Northwest,) took our sweatshirts and our camera and decided to check it out.

Sometimes I just like to go somewhere pretty, you know?

The kids kept their bickering to a minimum with the bribe of a Slurpee dangling before them. My daughter asked to take some photos and I took a deep breath as I watched her juggle my camera precariously in her little hands. My son, who’s never separated from his ball and glove, was disappointed that he had to leave his baseball in the car, but I had horrific visions of squashed irises. I let him keep the mitt on.

We saw some amazing, inspiring color; giggled over the names of the iris varieties (Millenium Falcon) and even spotted a baby bunny in some delphinium.

In typical Oregon fashion, it started raining and hailing seconds after we left the parking lot.












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  1. sharla Says:

    The shot peeking shot over the irisis is priceless! LOL!!! pretty stuff! Love the artistic colored chairs in a row shot too 🙂

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