Lost Works, Volume 1

Back in the day, before watercolor (was there a “before watercolor?”) I used to do a lot of work in scratchboard. I wasn’t incredibly comfortable using color and I liked the portability of clayboard and tools. I could take it anywhere.

Some of them were done on clayboard, which is basically masonite with a layer of clay and another layer of India ink. You use sharp tools to remove the ink, thus revealing the white underneath. It’s kind of like the opposite of drawing. I also did a few on white board where I used colored inks and the tools, both (like the Basset Hound.)

I’ve been doing some Spring Cleaning in the studio and found a few of these lost works that need to go to a good home. So if you’re interested, email me at rachaelrossman at earthlink dot net. I’ll make you a deal.


"Jake," 8x10ish scratchboard on paper. $75


"Boomer," 5x7 scratchboard on board with brown ink. $60

Stay tuned for more lost works as I dig through my stash.

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  1. Sam Says:

    Wow – very pretty! I got a lot of those boards as a present one year, but have yet to use them. I might need to dig them out and try my hand at them.


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