At different times of the year (spring and right before Christmas) I can hardly open my email without a flood of orders and inquiries. But the summertime makes me antsy. Hardly anyone orders art in the summertime because they’re off doing summertime things, which do not generally include web browsing (the sun glare on the screen really ruins it) or thinking about Christmas presents because Christmas is like four months away. OMG Christmas is four months away.

So in the summertime I incessantly refresh my email inbox and look for those delightful little emails titled “Portrait Request” or “Dog Painting Question” or something along those lines. Then I go back and look at last year’s records and I’m slightly consoled because hey, I’m right on track.

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  1. Janet Shepherd Says:

    Aww – If I had unlimited funds, I’d order portraits of all my fur babies. And portraits for all my friends and THEIR fur babies.

    Actually, I’m planning for ordering a portrait of my chi’s next year, and my other two cats sometime too! 😀

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