Day In The City, Part 3: Eats


Part of the fun of going to a new place (or visiting a place you don’t get to much) is exploring the food scene. When you’re with kids, this can be dicey.

My son will eat anything from hot peppers to salmon roe. My daughter, however, would exist solely on bread and bread products if I let her. So when we were browsing around Portland’s Pearl District last week, Noodles & Company seemed like it would please them both. And me.

It did.


Chopsticks, noodles, root beer


And I’ll admit it…when I took the kids to the Portland Art Museum earlier in the day, I ensured their good behavior by bribing them with future cupcakes. Cupcake Jones is one of my favorites, and was right down the block. I think Weight Watchers will forgive me this one indiscretion.


As a matter of fact, I WAS jonesing for a cupcake!


So many cupcakes, so little time.




Velvet Painting


Downtown Cupcake Brown in a to-go container for dad.


'Til we meet again, Lemon Sorbet.

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  1. amy Says:

    I want to go here and Voodoo Donuts when I visit next!

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