The heat! My god, the heat!

When I was on vacation last week…(wait, I was on VACATION last week? Where has the time gone?) …I spent a great deal of time consuming caffeinated beverages and painting. I finished 13 paintings in fact. Mainly because in my studio, in front of the fan was the only place I could tolerate the insane heat. (In Oregon, 90 degrees  is the insane threshold, in case you’re keeping track.)

Woody scan 3

2 Responses to “The heat! My god, the heat!”

  1. Sharla Says:

    Love the colors & those eyes and that pose! You rock the Yupo like none other, Rachael!!

  2. Emily~ DreamEyce Says:

    I’m amazed we’ve been able to survive this record-breaking Texas heat summer down here, after moving from Albany, Oregon in the fall. Not only is it hot as hell-o down here in Texas, I’m still *hiking* and active outdoors!

    Amazing, as like you said, 90 is ‘too hot’ up in Oregon! I remember days wallowing inside up there where they were still under 94 degrees, unwilling to go outside. Now down here 90 is “the cool time”, when I’m out walking the dogs! Funny how perceptions can change so fast!

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