Happy Trails

I’ve always been curious, but someday I will actually take the initiative to map out exactly where all my paintings live. Anectdotally, I know that most of my clients are in Texas, Oklahoma and California. I know that I’ve sent paintings to Canada, Mexico, UK, Germany, Japan and Singapore. I wonder if I’ve got one in every state?

Why so many in Texas and California? Because they’re large states? Why so many in Oklahoma? Because The Pioneer Woman lives there?

I need a statistician to make sense of it all.


Maxwell scan 1


4 Responses to “Happy Trails”

  1. Nikki Says:

    Because Texas is awesome. 😉

  2. Emily M Says:

    Well these 2 beauties live in Mississippi! (the paintings and the animals)
    Thanks again- we LOVE LOVE LOVE them. 🙂 My dad was thrilled.

  3. Janet Shepherd Says:

    Well mine, that you posted here to me in the UK, will soon be very carefully packed and shipped to Australia!

  4. Rachael Says:

    Cool! I’ll put another pin in the map!

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