When my painting of Charlie first appeared on The Pioneer Woman in January 2010, I received a flood of emails and orders. A FLOOD. Among them was a client who ordered a painting for her husband on the occasion of their first anniversary. I didn’t blog back then, so here it is.



My husband is of the opinion that black and brown dogs (Dobermans, Rottweilers, Dachsunds, German Shepherds) make the best paintings. That really has nothing to do with this story, I just remembered it.

Anyway, flash forward to this summer and I received an email from the client. Since I’d painted Duke, he’d passed away and the client told me that she was going through old emails and wanted to thank me again. She sent a few great snapshots of Duke with his painting and they were very sweet to see.

Well I tell you, not a week had passed after that email that my client’s husband emailed me to order a painting for her as a surprise. No kidding.




I hope I’m not telling stories out of school here. I just like it when art begets more art.

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  1. Sherry Halley Says:

    Two beautiful paintings of two beautiful dogs!

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