Last week was one of those weeks. Dr. Rossman was off running a marathon (and enjoying lovely Arizona weather, I might add), so the chore of getting the kids to school and to their various activities, fell to me.

I emailed my very understanding co-workers on Sunday night warning them of my probability of tardiness. All week. Each morning was a struggle to 1) get my daughter up, fed and dress in a timely fashion (I use an egg timer. She hates it.)  and 2) make sure my son had lunch money and his cello, then drop them off at school not too early but not late enough that I miss an entire morning of work.


The evenings were a race home after staying late at the office to make up for lost time; then Holiday Recitals, dinner-making, homework and decorating for Christmas.


As my daughter was telling me about her class Christmas party, she said they made ornaments and cards and gingerbread houses, and everyone else’s mom was there.

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  1. Elaine Corwin Says:

    Don’t let an 8 year old put a guilt trip on you. You do a lot and she should learn to respect you for what you are able to do. Truth is, I bet not every one else’s Mom was there, she only said it to push you buttons. (Experience speaking here).

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