I was recently doing some online Christmas shopping for a…um…how shall I put this delicately? A piece of performance gear for cold weather running that is for the exclusive use of gentlemen.


Um, it keeps one’s parts warm while running.

Male parts.

Are we all on the same page here?

The problem was, I couldn’t remember the name of the product, or the company, and I couldn’t come up with concise key words that would result in anything but unseemly suggestions from Google.

No offense to Google. I mean, when you’re searching with keywords like, “men’s cold weather running gear” you get nice safe suggestions like beanie caps and long-sleeved, sweat-wicking shirts. Any more specific – let’s say, references to specific anatomy – and well, you risk seeing things that are a little more unpleasant.

Do NOT do an image search is what I’m saying.

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  1. Rika Says:

    Wow. I do a lot of cold weather running and I never even thought there was a problem there with guys. Another reason I’m glad I’m a girl 🙂 Hope you found what you were looking for without polluting your computer.

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