The Best Things I Did This Year

Open Face Empties Brush

Mess Frida SneakCaffeine

  • Made Dooce’s Friday Under Fifty list
  • Bought a grown-up camera and an iPad
  • Shipped my artwork to 5 of 7 continents
  • Inspired a font based on my handwriting

Harper in vintage. Ron sleeps Naughty in progress Beagles in progress

  • Saw Les Miserables onstage
  • Discovered Edith Piaf and Kim Boekbinder
  • Introduced my husband to the work of Neil Gaiman
  • Watched my kids learn French and pitch a no-hitter

Boots Cats Wine Mask

  • Showed my work in Portland
  • Was written about in Sunday Statesman Journal, Willamette Valley Life, Creative Humans and Watercolor Artists Magazine
  • Set up a night vision trail cam to catch Santa Claus

Marquee Ddlm Family art Pitch

  • Entered a poster contest for Washington International Horse Show
  • Became obsessed with Frida Kahlo
  • Became proficient at Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja
  • Learned about “the cloud”

Hammock Anniversary Tunes Ron

  • Started wearing more dresses
  • Skipped my 20th high school reunion
  • Painted over 150 portraits and have 110 more on the books
  • Plotted and planned for 2012

Watch out, New Year!

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  1. krista cook Says:

    I love your list. Congrats in all the great accomplishments. I don’t know if I put missing the class reunion as a good one though! 🙂 I am looking forward to seeing your plotting and planning unfold in 2012!

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