When I first started my Dia de Los Muertos portrait series, I had a very clear idea of how it would look – subjects looking straight ahead, skully faces unsmiling and serious. Luckily, my vision was challenged – and improved – by the amazing photos that my clients have been sending.

Brides. Animals. Pink hair. Huge smiles. Nudes. All these have forced me out of my comfortable little formulaic approach to the project and the result, I must say, is gorgeous and encouraging.

Reid scan

Weathers scan

2 Responses to “Pretties”

  1. Sharla Says:

    These are gorgeous. You are one of a kind!!!

  2. Kelly Says:

    I love the bride portrait. Brian and i are still looking to do/take photos to send you for our Dia de Los Muertos painting. Very excited to see it! And encouraged that the photos don’t have to be unsmiling – it’s a reflex, I smile when the camera is pointed my way!!!

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