Nice Things People Said This Week

People are usually very excited to see their portraits and also say lots of nice things in the “I love it!” or “It made me cry” category. Every now and then though, someone says something that strikes me as particularly poignant, or funny or otherwise wonderful.

Is happened a few times just this weekend.

And I really needed to hear it.

From clients:

“Oh my god.  I almost peed my pants when I saw these!”

Jeria scan 1

“This painting makes me feel beautiful and I can’t really express how rare that is or how nice that feels.”

Smith K scan

“When I looked at that it was like someone punched me in the heart, and I mean that in the best possible way.”

Not this week, but still my favorite:

“Rachael’s paintings are worth being injected by venom, nearly – but not quite – to the point of death.” – Jenny, The Bloggess

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  1. sharla Says:

    Those were AWESOME!!

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