Heeeeere’s Johnny!

Today was a glorious spring-like day – the kind that tempts eager Oregonians to put out their upholstered patio furniture or pack their sweaters in the attic. My son left the house with a neighborhood friend at 7 a.m. and they played outside all day like back in olden times (when I was a kid.) They came in to refuel about 12 hours later, covered in leaves and grime because they had been camouflaging themselves in an embankment like Peeta in the Hunger Games.

I took the opportunity – and the peace and quiet – to get some painting done. I decided to do a second entry for the Dark Shadows art contest judged by Tim Burton. My first one was a Day of the Dead version, and this one is more traditional.

Barnabas Collins 2

Barnabas Collins and Dark Shadows are property of Warner Bros. Browse all entries at deviantart.com.

I love shoe-horning these just-for-fun projects in with my commissioned work, just to keep the juices flowing, you know?

Besides, there are a lot worse things to do on a Saturday than sit around and paint Johnny Depp.

4 Responses to “Heeeeere’s Johnny!”

  1. Sharla Says:

    Awesome – I so hope you win !!

  2. Lynette Says:

    Me too…. Any way to know who DID win??? xo

  3. Rachael Says:

    Here are the winners: http://moonbeam13.deviantart.com/journal/The-Barnabas-Portrait-Project-Winners-Announcement-301322222

  4. Lynette Says:

    thanks for the link — I still like yours better… !

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