I haven’t counted how many Kickstarter portraits I’ve yet to paint because I think I might start to hyperventilate. I prefer to count the check marks as each one is finished and marked on my Excel spreadsheet. (Note to fellow list-makers: Excel is awesome, am I right?)

I really have no method for picking which one I’m going to work on next. Maybe it’s one of the first people to send in a photo. Maybe I recognize the name from Twitter. Maybe I liked the story that came with it, or the fact that the person lives in Austria or I just liked the picture.

I try to paint two at a time for efficiency, so I often choose two clients completely unrelated that I think would work well with the same colors, like these two below. I hope she doesn’t mind that I painted her hair kind of blue. I just liked it that way.

Demler scan

Phinney scan

2 Responses to “Palette”

  1. phinner Says:

    I LOVE my bleu hair!!! : .)

  2. Patricia Says:

    I love your hair bleu too, LInda! Beautiful!

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