Disney University

My sister lives in Arizona where it’s one million degrees in the summer. So every July she comes up to Oregon to spend a month in more temperate climes. Last week, my daughter and I flew down to Arizona to join them on their road trip north.


They have a pool, and a kitten. Frankly they are the two main reasons I even agreed to go there.


It’s a three day drive, but we broke it up a bit by stopping off in Disneyland. My son didn’t come with us because he would have missed four baseball games (three of them got rained out, as it happened). My husband still has never been to Disney and I think if he ever did the world would end. It’s pretty much the exact opposite of him.

I still love it.

This trip was a whirlwind, but we still managed to spend about a day and a half in the park. My daughter went, for the first time, on some Big Kid Rides and then we came home and told her dad how educational the trip was.

After all, she learned archery:






Culinary arts:


American history:


And international diplomacy:


It’s a small world, after all.

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