Your Kickstarter Questions Answered

Maybe you’re wondering what this Kickstarter fuss is all about. First thing, if you’re curious, check out the Kickstarter Basics straight from the source.

And here are some questions that I’m often asked about my projects specifically, which has four days to go!

Why Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is a crowd-funding vehicle for creative projects. It allows me to reach a larger audience, as well engage new clients who are just browsing the site or have been referred. As an independent artist, pre-selling art in this fashion allows me to budget for my business and my family because I know exactly how much income I will have for a period of time rather than waiting for commissions to trickle in. It also provides a lump sum that can be invested into my business (e.g. my new studio). This is a huge advantage for an independent creative or any small business person.

Have you done other Kickstarter projects? Were they successful?

This is my third Kickstarter project and all have been successfully funded by hundreds of unique backers.

How can I be sure I’ll get my reward?

My reputation depends on the fact that I do what I say I’m going to do. I’ve painted hundreds of portraits for hundreds of clients and they’ve all arrived safe and sound (and to five continents, no less!) I’ve deliberately scheduled my start date for the 400 in 400 project to begin after completion of all of my Dia de Los Muertos portraits AND the Christmas rush.

Are your prices different on Kickstarter than through your website?

My prices are the same through Kickstarter as on my website, but there is a bit of a break on shipping through Kickstarter for some sizes. There are also unique rewards via my Kickstarter platform like sponsoring my new studio (just like Nascar!) or in-person portrait sessions that I don’t ordinarily offer.

Do I have to send you my photo right away?

No, but I’d prefer to have it by December 31 so I can start painting January 1 as planned.

Can I order multiple portraits?

Yes! Just add up the amount for all the portraits you want to order and select the reward level that makes the most sense. When you send me the photos, let me know which ones to paint in which size (if they’re different.)

Are there additional shipping costs for international backers?


Can I request that my painting be done by a certain date?

I’ll try my darndest.

Will you paint my pet?

Yes. Except tarantulas. I have a strict No Spider policy. *shiver*

Will you paint me with Day of the Dead makeup?

You bet.

Will you paint my pet with a top hat and monocle?

Of course.

Will you still be taking regular commissions next year?

Yes, but the wait time might be longer than the usual 12 weeks. Backing the 400 in 400 project is the best way to insure your spot in the queue.

How do I sign up?

Visit my Kickstarter page, watch the video and click “Back this Project.” You can support the project for as little as a buck.

How else can I help?

Even if you don’t financially back this project, you can still help by getting the word out! Click the Facebook “like” button on the project page, tweet about it, or send a link to this blog post to someone who might want to be a patron of the arts. And while you’re on Kickstarter, take a minute to browse some of the amazing creative projects. There’s a lot of good stuff out there.

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