Day 1

I’m taking the week off from my Day Job this week for a few reasons: 1) mental health; 2) finish Dia de Los Muertos portrait series; 3) accomplish all those tedious tasks that I can’t seem to get done on my regular schedule. Things like: be home when my new couch is delivered, plan some meals ahead of time for once, take the cat to the vet for his itchiness situation, have entry rugs made from the huge roll of leftover carpet in the garage, 22 other things, and perhaps most important – be at home by myself for a few hours each day.

Today my sister and I (who just moved to town from Arizona!) premade 10 slow cooker meals that basically you assemble, freeze and then drop in the crock-pot. I also consumed two Starbucks mochas and I will be home when the kids get home from school.

And now – I paint.

Best staycation ever.


Mathers 1 scan

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